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The Leadership Pipeline Book


The Leadership Pipeline

How to Build the Leadership Powered Company

by Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter & James Noel


In 2011, an updated and revised version of the bestseller, The Leadership Pipeline, was published. The Leadership Pipeline book has sold more than 250,000 copies and is considered one of the most influential leadership books in the last two decades.


New to this edition is 65 pages of new material to update the model, share new stories and add new advice based on ten more years of experience. The authors have also added a "Frequently Asked Questions" section at the end of each chapter.


From the inside flap

"Many of the best and most successful corporations in the world have adopted the Leadership Pipeline model as the core framework for their efforts on the human side of their businesses. Built around the common leadership ′passages′ all leaders go through, it helps organizations select, develop, and assess based on specific responsibilities and work values at each leadership level."


From the Foreword

Strong leaders at all levels within an organization are a requisite for business success. Yet the leadership pipeline –the internal architecture for growing leaders – is often broken or nonexistent. This updated edition of the bestseller, The Leadership Pipeline,has been revised to help address the challenges of today′s business environment. Anchored in experience, it offers a tested model for planning leadership succession and development that has proven to get results. The authors draw on their work at more than one hundred international companies to report on what has been learned in the ten years since the first edition of The Leadership Pipeline was published. They show how a company can develop leadership in each layer of its organization by defining the different skills required as leaders move from one level to the next. They explain how time should be applied differently, how work values required for success must change, and clearly illustrate what inappropriate leadership looks like at each step. In addition, the authors answer commonly asked questions and add new insights from their in-the-field research. The Leadership Pipeline shows how today′s companies can keep their leadership "pipeline" filled and flowing to ensure a steady supply of skilled leaders throughout the organization.


About the Authors

Stephen Drotter is the Chairman of the Leadership Pipeline Institute, a global organization that specializes in CEO succession, executive assessment, selection, leadership development and corporate organization design. He was one of the original designers of GE′s succession planning process and ran Human Resources at INA Corporation and Chase Manhattan. He has a degree in economics from Amherst College.


Jim Noel is Vice Chairman of Sirrahg Group and an Executive leadership coach who has assisted companies in the selection, assessment, and development of key leadership teams. He is a former manager of Executive Education and Leadership Effectiveness at GE.


Ram Charan is an advisor to many of the world’s top CEOs and corporate directors. He is author or co-author of sixteen books, including the New York Times bestseller Execution. He has also taught at Wharton, the Kellogg School of Management, and GE’s Leadership