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Performance Management


  • Enforces accountability of performance ratings and provides a dynamic and objective overview of the organization's ready-now talent
  • Enables the organization to have an integrated approach towards assessment, selection and development of leaders
  • Enables the organization to use the Leadership Pipeline framework in their performance management process


In many aspects of business “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. The same goes for Human Resource tools and processes. In order to build a sustainable Leadership Pipeline you need to select, develop, and assess leaders based on the same criteria.


As most development takes place on the job, the key to success is to implement clear performance standards for leaders in the performance management system.


Recognizing the distinctions of each leadership role is key for designing an effective performance management process that holds leaders accountable for their leadership roles. By clearly defining the different leadership roles in accordance with the Leadership Pipeline principles, you create transparency about what is expected of leaders in the organization and you support leaders in recognizing how they add unique value to the organization. This shapes leaders' ways of thinking about themselves, resulting in organizational effectiveness and successful leadership development.