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Differentiated leadership accountabilities

A frequently asked question during People Reviews and organizational reviews is: “Is he/she a good leader?” There is a subtle fallacy built into that question. The question itself assumes that leadership is just leadership. However, organizations are made up by a number of distinct leadership levels. Accordingly, the first thing to do is to acknowledge that leadership is not just leadership. Leaders at different levels of the organization play different roles and add value in different ways.


Recognizing the distinctiveness in each of the leadership roles is a key prerequisite for designing an effective performance management process where you want to hold leaders accountable for their leadership roles. By clearly defining the different leadership roles you create transparency about what is expected of leaders in the organization and you support the leaders in recognizing how they add unique value to the organizations as leaders. Thereby, you shape the leaders’ way of thinking about themselves and this is key to organizational effectiveness.


Below we have described those behaviors that you need to hold leaders accountable for at different leadership levels:


How Leadership Pipeline Institute supports your organization


We support your organization in identifying the relevant leadership levels for your organization and define the leadership standards for the different leadership levels.


The advantage of working with Leadership Pipeline Institute is that you do not need to start with a blank piece of paper. With regards to customizing the leadership standards we have experience from a vast number of industries and organizations of different sizes. Many things are similar across organizations, but all organizations have unique features. When you define effective leadership standards, you must capture both the commonalities and the differentiators of the organization. We are able to customize the leadership standards not just to your current organizational structure but also in accordance with requirements related to your business strategy.