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Leadership Transition Assessment™



  • Increases the chances of successful recruitment of internal and external leaders
  • Strengthens the organization's ability to create accelerated career plans for talent


Most companies can build their leadership pipeline around four generic leadership levels: Leading Others, Leading Leaders, Functional Leader, and Business Leader. Each passage in the leadership pipeline from one leadership level to the next represents a major career transition and involves fundamental adjustment of work values, time application and skills.


Development for the leader is cumulative and successful transitions into one leadership level enhance the probability of a successful transition into the next leadership level. Conversely, incomplete development (or skipping of a leadership level) can hinder a successful transition into the next leadership level. The consequence of leaders not successfully transitioning into their leadership level is a clogged leadership pipeline and the flow of talent is blocked accordingly.


The Leadership Transition Assessment™ is a structured interview that will enable the interviewer to map the extent to which the leader has transitioned into his/her current leadership level and thereby evaluate to what extent a leader is ready to move to a new leadership level or as a foundation for a targeted coaching intervention. The Leadership Transition Assessment™ can be used as a stand-alone tool or as an integral part of a general candidate assessment.


The concept is normally used in connection with:

  • Recruitment of leaders externally
  • Internal assessment/development centers
  • Individual career planning for selected talents
  • Executive development

The Leadership Transition Assessment™ can be supplemented with a Leadership Performance Index© if the assessment is made in connection with a development initiative.