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Leadership Pipeline Implementation


  • Significantly improves the execution power of your company by building a leadership powered culture saturated by accountability
  • Provides the leadership infrastructure that can uniquely help your organization become a talent factory
  • Supports you in building a leadership architecture that can turn your people strategy into a commercial competitive edge


Imagine a company that has a chief financial officer but does not have a general ledger, a budget process, a cost accounting system, and a capital allocation process that are tied together. That financial officer would not have much success. A finance architecture enables the entire organization to work with and talk about financial matters in a consistent way.


Companies need an enduring architecture to focus human resource processes and programs. The architecture should set common standards for both performance and potential, differentiated by layer of management. It should also establish language and processes to address issues, identify problems, and exploit opportunities effectively, as well as data for making decisions about everything from job transition to performance improvement.


The above is elaborated further in The Leadership Pipeline book. Today, a significant number of the Fortune 500 companies have implemented the Leadership Pipeline concept as their key architecture for selecting, assessing and developing leaders.


Based on their observations over more than four decades in the corporate field and research from more than 80 international companies, the authors of The Leadership Pipeline book– Stephen Drotter, James Noel and Ram Charan –cited a number of reasons why organizations in current times are falling short in their internal leadership development and talent efforts. Here are some of the real business challenges that necessitate adoption of the Leadership Pipeline Framework.


  • Lack of consistent HR architecture to support ongoing leadership development
  • Poorly defined and measured accountability for a set of results
  • Executives are not adept at selecting the right candidates for the right jobs
  • Low success rate of external hires at leadership positions
  • Emerging critical new markets like India, Africa and China which require leaders to develop global perspectives to operate efficiently
  • Increasing ambiguity, complexity and volatility of the business environment makes leaders wary of their roles and responsibilities

Leadership Pipeline Implementation

The Leadership Pipeline Institute is the leading international provider of solutions based on the Leadership Pipeline principles. We hold extensive experience in implementing the Leadership Pipeline principles in both private and public organizations.


We have developed solutions within the area of leadership development, leadership assessment, performance management, coaching, and recruitment 100% aligned with the Leadership Pipeline principles. All solutions are easily customized to the needs and reality of your organization. Under “Services and Solutions” you will find a description of the different tools and processes that you can align with the Leadership Pipeline principles.


Each solution and process creates significant value themselves and as stand-alone tools. The key to success is of course the integration of the different tools and processes.


However, different organizations have different starting points. Accordingly, each organization must find its way to success. We support organizations in:


  • Identifying how best to get started
  • Preparing the business case
  • Preparing the change management process
  • Customizing the Leadership Pipeline framework to your organizational set-up by defining standards for the different leadership layers
  • Aligning your existing people tools and processes with the Leadership Pipeline principles
  • Developing people tools and processes that you may not yet have in place