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Leadership Performance Index



  • Supports leaders in better understanding to what extent they have successfully transitioned into their leadership role
  • Contributes to more evidence-based coaching conversations in connection with individual development initiatives
  • Enables the organization to measure leadership performance across the organization


The Leadership Performance Index® survey is uniquely designed around the Leadership Pipeline concept and enables the organization to assess leaders on the actual job that has to be done rather than abstract theoretical leadership competencies.


The survey can serve multiple purposes:

  • In connection with individual development initiatives and coaching assignments
  • Conduct leadership assessments in connection with talent selection and promotions
  • Annual organizational leadership performance surveys where the organization wants to assess all leaders within the organization and conduct various analyses on the results


The Leadership Performance Index is an online feedback system that brings together views from a leader's direct manager, peers, direct reports and other relevant people. The leader who undertakes a survey is provided with a personal report that can easily be translated into actions.


Most 360 degree tools are based on the assumption that leadership is just leadership. However, as the Leadership Pipeline research documents, this is exactly the assumption that causes most problems for an organization’s ambition to build an internal leadership pipeline of high-performing leaders.


The system is also uniquely designed to capture the nature of matrix and project organizations where leaders have multiple managers.


More than 5,000 leaders representing more than 50 different nationalities have accelerated their leadership performance by using the Leadership Performance Index® survey to get feedback on those behaviors that are most essential for success and performance at their leadership level.


It is uniquely designed for the following leadership levels:


  • Leading Others
  • Leading Leaders
  • Functional Leader
  • Business Leader


The system is built on a technology that makes it easy to customize it to your organization's leadership competence framework. The system has a very high degree of self-service, minimizing administration.