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The Leadership Performance Index® survey comes in a version based uniquely on the Leadership Pipeline principles and questions strictly related to only the leader’s critical success parameters at their particular leadership level. All questions are behavioral oriented and relate to behavior that can be observed.


The validity of the questions is tested on an ongoing basis in connection with our Leadership Transition Programs® . The validation base includes more than 1,500 leaders per year across different cultures.


However, many organizations have their own unique leadership competence model that they need to be mirrored in the survey.


Organizations are also faced with different strategic directions on the people side which need to be mirrored in the survey.


The Leadership Performance Index® survey has been built to easily customize to different organizations’ needs. We offer support in how to combine the existing survey with your specific needs in order to get the best of two worlds and we offer support in translating your leadership competence model into impactful questions and observable key behaviors.


You may also choose the Leadership Performance Index® survey as your in-house leadership survey tool. In that connection we can offer to easily change the graphical set-up to match your company design in terms of color codes, pictures and logo.