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Customized Solutions

Leadership Pipeline Institute offers generic Leadership Transition Programs® that address the key challenges faced by leaders when they transition to a new leadership level. The programs can be delivered as they are or customized to fit your specific leadership culture.


Organizations normally take an individualized approach when they implement the program.


Most companies would at least adjust the program to include their own Human Resources tools and processes. Other companies also want to include some specific exercises or tools with which they have experienced success.


Different companies select different solutions as how to anchor transition training within the organization. Below we have listed a couple of solutions that we currently deliver:

7-day on-site training divided into three modules combined with intensive off-site training in between the modules.
5-day training divided into two modules with intensive off-site training in between the modules.
4-day on-site training in one module without any off-site training.
4-day on-site training divided into three modules of one day with significant off-site training.
3-day on-site transition divided into two modules and combined with some existing internal company leadership skills training.

On-site training refers to traditional class room training whereas off-site training refers to virtual training, preparation, real-life application of training, peer training, etc.


The training model depends on the nature of the company business model, geographical spread, training budgets, training culture, etc.


The critical part is to keep the purpose of the training in mind and then structure the training in accordance with the company reality.


The programs can be delivered to you by Leadership Pipeline Institute facilitators or we can certify selected leaders from your organization to co-deliver the programs. You may also prefer any combination of these.