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Measuring Impact


  • Significantly increases and documents the impact of learning and ROI on all LPI learning activities.
  • Enables an efficient, transparent and low-cost process for reporting on impact measurement and business case building.
  • Enables continued improvements of the Leadership Transition Programs® by systematically collecting data on the participants starting point and development areas.


Leadership Pipeline Institute firmly believes that strategic development initiatives can be measured. We protect our customers’ investments in development by ensuring that our services and products are linked closely to the overall business strategy of their organizations.


LPI has worked systematically with measurement since 2009 with the clear aim of providing our customers with the “best in class” measurement system for measuring training impact and ROI on our services and programs.


LPI takes measurement of program success beyond “satisfaction” and systematically measures change in Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior before, after and three months after the Leadership Transition Programs within the following categories:

Fulfilment of Learning Objectives
Learning effectiveness
Transfer of learning to the job
Satisfaction Index

This means that LPI offers a unique value proposition that will enable your organization to implement a measurement system based on High Impact Learning principles, enabling the learning to take place before, after and back on the job.


Source: Peopleway®

Job test

In addition to the direct measurement of gained knowledge and adjusted attitude and behavior, the measurement system also optimizes the trainers’ ability to tailor the facilitation of the program by having a clear overview of the participants’ starting point and collective development areas before the program and to follow up on the training impact afterwards.


Our measurement system gives your organization unique insight into the overall quality of leadership andit enables continued improvements of your leadership initiatives by systematically collecting data on the participants’ starting point, end point and development areas for each leadership level.


Our Impact Measurement system is validated by an independent partner and is uniquely designed around the Leadership Pipeline concept and the decades of field observations and research that led to the book. The key to success is accepting that there is a job that needs to be done and the way leaders create value changes from leadership level to leadership level. Accordingly, you cannot just ask the same impact questions in an impact assessment across leadership levels. Some questions may be the same but most must differ from level to level.


LPI has developed a impact measurement approach for each ofthe Leadership Transition Programs® :

  • Leading Others
  • Leading Leaders
  • Functional Leader

The generic versions can easily be customized to your organization and ithas a very high degree of self-service involving a minimum of administration both for the organizer and the participating manager. It can be applied cost-effectively throughout your organization.